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Just one of them things :)

So my first official blog. Not sure how i feel about this, and letting everyone in on what im thinking. I guess i’ll give it a go though ha!
What do you write on these things anyway?!
I guess i’ll tell you what ive been up to and am going to be getting up to :) It’s a starting point ha!

So this week. I can’t believe its friday already! It’s gone so fast.

Monday was a very surreal day, my friend and i had woken up and were in quite a panicked state wondering if we would get the flat we were looking to rent. We had viewed the property on Saturday but so did someone else. It was up to the landlord who he wanted to have in the flat. We’d sat by the phone Saturday afternoon, all Sunday and were sat waiting for a phone call on monday when we were contacted to view another flat with another company. We didnt know what to do! We thought the flat we saw on saturday was the one for us, but we thought, why not! lets just go and see it.
Well whilst we were viewing this other property, we got the phone call we had been waiting for telling us that we had been successful. The problem was, we’d fallen even more in love with the property we were viewing at that moment. What did we do :S! We were the only people who had viewed the second property and we wanted it. By Monday evening we had 2 property’s with our names on! We eventually chose the second flat we saw, it felt more like home. And seeing as both my friend and i are 5 hours away from home home it needed to be right, and it was. We are still so happy. You’re all invited to the house warming. Not sure you’ll all fit though ha! It’s only a 2 bed flat ha!

Tuesday was a busy day trying to organise deposits and transfer money and information to our property manager. Not singed our contract yet but it’s definitely ours :)
Tuesday evening i went to see The Phantom of The Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre. Well all i can say is WOW! John Owen Jones IS the Phantom and Sofia as Christine, i’ve never heard such a beatiful voice! I sat in awe of everything for the whole show. I am however going to become a theatre snob and complain about the audience though. It seemed like half of the audience didn’t want to be there! Most of them got their phones out at some point, i cant remember how many phones went off during the show. And seriously, dont eat in the theatre! SO distracting! That’s my little rant over haha!

Wednesday was a bit of a quieter day. My friends boyfriend had come down from Leeds so our plans got cancelled but im glad they did because it allowed me to run a few errands :) 
Towards the end of the week it’s slowed right down to the point i am at now where i am laid on my bed, itunes on, windows open, eating toast with nothing to do until Sunday. I’m not complaining however because come Monday im back at work until the 25th July non-stop. Just a little bit gutting!

So i know your all thinking what have i got to do on Sunday. Well if you follow me on twitter or im that person that sends you endless amounts of texts expressing how excited i am then you will know but if not i’ll explain.

So a couple of months ago a competition set up by Tim Prottey Jones ran. This competition was to find a group of singers to be part of ‘Twitter Choir’ and feature on his second upcoming album. We all had to submit a video/audio of ourselves singing a song from his first album. I chose to sing ‘Fallen’ which was originally performed by the wonder that is Louise Dearman. A few days after the competition closed Tim sent out emails telling us whether we were in or not. I was in and very excited! The recording date was set as the 15th May, this sunday! As soon as it was the confirmed recording date, my twitter timeline went crazy with train bookings and excitement.
So this sunday in birmingham ‘Twitter Choir’ will be united and will record various ‘ooo’s’ and ‘ahhh’s’ for Tim Prottey Jones’s next album.
Tim’s first album is named ‘More With Every Line’ if you dont have it GO AND GET IT! Available on iTunes and in/on Dress Circle.

So that was my first blog. Didn’t have a clue what to write and i hope i didnt bore you all. Will blog again soon :)
Lots of love
Lorna xxxx