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So it’s been a little while since ive been able to get on here and update you about my life. Well let me say things have certainly changed since my last blog.
Some of you may know that i now live in a flat with my good friend Laura who i have known since i was about 2 years old. Living with one person is certainly alot different to living will 11 other people all on one floor. Both laura and i have our faults but im sure we’ll both get used to these and we’ll get on fine ha!

So on the 28th May i moved into the new flat. My mum, dad and sister all came down to help me move, and let me tell you i have NO idea how we managed to fit everything into the car. I’ve accumulated so much ‘stuff’ in the past 9months living in london that i dont know what half of it is. Sorting it all out eventually will be fun im sure ha!
I’ve moved a fair way from where i was. I used to live in Barbican which is classed as central london, and didnt i know about it with the prices of everything, but now ive moved to between Walthamstow. Everyone says that its a really bad area to live in but i love it there. Reminds me of home more than central london living does :)

So since i last blogged ive been to see Priscilla Queen of The Desert twice to catch Lucy Newton be a DIVA and also see her as Marion. I’ll be heading back on Monday 13th June to see Lucy as DIVA again so will blog about the show afterwards :)

I just want to say a final little thank you to every person who is reading this and who has been there for me throughout it all. There aren’t many of you but you know who you are the ones who have. I am greatful for all of my friends who keep me strong because some of you know how quickly i can fall.
And i just want to make a special little mention to the fabulous lady that is Joy. I cannot wait until the 19th July when we will both be at The Palace Theatre watching Priscilla hopefully Lucy will be on blowing the roof off as DIVA :) It’s the small things and the people you’ve never got to know that keep you going. So much love to you Joy and so many hugs! <3 xox!

Thanks guys for reading this drivel that i write haha! I hope next time will be a bit more exciting, as im sure il have more to say when im a bit more awake ha! Have a fabulous time doing whatever you’re doing and know that there are always people out there who love you and care for you!

Love you all lots and lots and lots, even more than jelly tots!!!

Just Me

Me again!

So this past week has been a pretty rocky rollercoaster.
I started a new placement for my course at a Health Visitors children centre and its fair to say I Hate It. Luckily i only have another week and a half to go but thats too long. I’ll stop complaining because i could go on about how much im not enjoying it forever.
So yeah Monday was the start. It got worse as the week went on but come friday i was feeling much better about things because i got asked to go to Twickenham for the Emirates International Rugby Sevens. WOW! What a weekend! I spent WAY too much money but as my dad said ‘you’ve got to treat yourself like that or you’d never stay sane!’ I will never forget it. Made some friends aswell in the group of people i was with. They’re all awesome :)
So the start of this week has been great, Monday i spent the day with a specialist centre which dealt with patients who had Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia. So interesting and definitely think i might extend my learning into that. The week is now steadily going back to the state it was last week. Only 7 days to go! ..

So major news. Im moving house on saturday so will be letting you all know how that goes and uploading pics of ma new crib! Ha!.

Much love to you all.
You’re all special to me <3


Just smile :)

Twitter Choir rocking out after a long day rehearsing and recording. &lt;3

Twitter Choir rocking out after a long day rehearsing and recording. <3

Life = LOVE!


Me again doing this blogging business! just thought i’d update you all on how amazing Sunday was!

Okay so i got up WAY too early, purely because i was so excited. I met Jennifer, Suzanne, Molly and Steph at Euston and we went on a little road trip to Birmingham for Twitter Choir. All very very excited, however it was an early start for a sunday ha!
So when we got to Birmingham we kind of went out the wrong exit in the station and got a bit lost. It was a good job we had an hour until we had to meet Tim ha!
We found our way back to the main entrace and met more of the Twitter Choir and then we headed to The Mailbox where recording would take place :D
Embarasingly we got lost IN the mailbox and had to ring Tim to ask for directions. He must of thought we were right idiots ha!
So finally after much trekking around we found where we had to be and got meeting the rest of Twitter Choir :) I was so excited and hyperactive everyone must have thought Tim had let a loony in ha!

So at dead on 12 we went into our little room, did the whole ‘Whats your name and where do you come from?’ and then proceeded onto our warm ups. Rachel Cranny our singing teacher for the day was fab! Learnt so much from her and new warm up techniques. Even whilst doing the warm up i could tell how awesome we were going to sound.
We then split up into our Alto’s and Soprano’s and i headed for the Soprano section.
Our first song to learn was ‘You Dare’ which was a nice easy one to start off with, although we had to try and not sound like a choir. It was amazing to actually be recording with some of the loveliest, most amazing people ive ever met. We were all there for one reason and one reason only and that’s because we love Tim’s music and we wanted to say ‘We were a part of that.’
There was then much deliberation over which song to do next. It was decided that it would be ‘Down Flew The Doves’ another amazing song which i know everyone will love, once the album is released:)

Then we headed for lunch. Eventful. Tim had told us that there was a tesco’s to the right of the hotel we were recording in. Me, Laura, Emma, Frances, Charlotte¬†and Karis turned left instead and were heading towards getting a little bit lost. We did find our way eventually and after Frances had been reunited with her ¬£10 we ate and then headed back to the room.
Whilst waiting to go back into our room, Paul from Stage Left Pod (i hope you are all following them on twitter) did a little podcast with some of us. I dont know if that will ever appear, but Coops, you’re quick at answering them questions ha!

So afternoon recording time, we started by warming up again with Rachel and finding out that we would be recording our part for ‘Touched By Your Heart’ which i think will be my favourite song of the album, not just because Twitter Choir are on there, but because it is beautiful, i cant wait for everyone else to hear it.
This song was the hard one, it included what i have rightfully named ‘The Note Of Death’, harmony’s, death notes, but it sounded gorgeous when we all sang it together. The lyrics to the part of the song we sang as well are simply gorgeous.

Recording this song concluded the day and our singing was done for the day. Tim played us back our parts that we had sung and if i do say so myself, we sounded pretty damn amazing!
To finish off our day completely it was photo time! So many photos had been taken throughout the day to protect the memories that we will all have of Sunday 16th May 2011, but these last photos were special. Group photos of the whole of twitter choir, individual photos with Tim and general photos taken by the photo masters, Angela and Laura(with her very posh camera).

I would lke to say thank you to Tim Prottey-Jones for letting us rowdy lot be part of such an incredible album. And thank you for giving all of us this opportunity that im sure none of us will ever forget. I don’t think i can thank you enough.
And thank you to the rest of Twitter Choir who made the day so special. It was amazing to meet all of you at last! I didn’t want to say goodbye! But will be seeing you all at the concert! (Which i hope everyone reading this is attending! Whenever it will be ha!)

Thank you Timmy T!!!

Much love from me and all of twitter choir

Those moments where you wonder if someone loves you back. &lt;3 X

Those moments where you wonder if someone loves you back. <3 X

Love is a many splendoured thing, love lifts us up where we belong, all you need is love <3 X

Love can last, love is strong, love keeps you together forever. X

Love can last, love is strong, love keeps you together forever. X

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All you need is love. X

All you need is love. X